Public Service Announcement: $20 GOTYEs Ye’ Should Get

First things first: I continue to not be dead. I am, however, in a bout of – what shall I call it? – “gaming ennui” and haven’t been particularly motivated to write lately as few games have really wowed me so far this year. If anyone is curious to hear my thoughts on Tomb Raider or Defiance let me know, because it’s about the only thing I can see myself writing about right now other than the imminent console war, which I’d frankly like to avoid discussing as I fear my opinions wouldn’t be very popular. But as always, you’re welcome to browse my achievements to see what I’ve played and ask about any of it.

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Won’t Somebody Please Think of the Xenomorphs?

AliensColonialMarinesBoxLet’s get one thing straight: Aliens was never scary. Alien was. Whereas Ripley had to survive her crew being picked off one by one by a stealthy, cunning, and lone xenomorph – with one weapon, by the way – Aliens saw a platoon of jarheads armed to the teeth fight seemingly endless waves of monsters running at them and, at best, attacking from above or below.

If that sounds familiar, that’s possibly because, strangely enough, that’s the way people have been describing Aliens: Colonial Marines (ACM) when complaining about it. The overall consensus is that it wasn’t suspenseful enough, that it didn’t capture the feel of Aliens.

To those people, I say: I beg to differ. And go watch the two movies again. Continue reading

Why Hitman: Absolution Just Doesn’t Feel Right

ImageHi everybody. I realize that not only is this game several months old and that, in blogger years, I’m legally dead, but hey, I have to start again somewhere. Now that I’ve lowered your expectations anyway, I can admit that most of this post is drawn from a back-and-forth between myself and fellow blogger Robo<3Beat. Let’s get to it.

To begin, Hitman: Absolution isn’t for everyone. It’s not quite niche – the franchise is too mainstream to be called “niche” – but you have to be just the right amount of crazy, not to mention sadistic, to enjoy the series. That being said, those who like it like it and have probably played through a few of the games over the years. Those same people will have probably noticed that, though Hitman: Absolution looks and handles much better on its new engine, it just doesn’t feel like it used to. And not in a good way, either; something just feels off. Continue reading